Living Stone
Rarely does an opportunity to display a truly unique art exhibition come along.
Such a chance presents itself with the special exihibition of Master Artist Lu Huan's works.
Acclaimed in China,Japan,Hong Kong,Europe and America,everywhere his art has been exhibited,thousands of viewers have been amazed by his outstanding talents.Each museum,which has shown his sculpture and painting,has extended his exhibit two or three times.
The life-like stone sculptures of wildlife carved by Master Lu Huan are wonderful.He used the natural colors of a single piece of stone to carve each animal and its base.No dyes or artificial colors were used on the sculpture.The animals ,he carved are from many places in the world,including some endangered species.Lu Huan's stone sculptures are virtually impossible to copy,because there is little chance to find the same gemstone.
Lu Huan's stone sculptures are among the best works of fine art for these times and also they have great value in natura l science and mineralogy.
Lu Huan's works are collected permanently as National Treasures by the National Palace Museums both in Beijing and Taipei .

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